What Is It For: Butter Pots


I get lots of questions about specific items in the Local Root arsenal, and most of them are either items coming back into vogue or items masquerading as other items (the Alessi Objects series is a good example of this). So I thought I would talk about these items here – the items I explain daily. I’m starting with the Emile Henry Butter Pot, because I like it a lot and summer’s heat means we all want to keep out butter from becoming a liquid (right?).


The butter pot (or butter bell) is (usually) made of two parts the top part, or bell, portion and the bowl. The bell is designed to hold the butter slightly submerged in an insulating water bath, which is genius. The bowl is designed to hold the water and the inverted bell, keeping the butter in room temperature water that will keep out the heat in the summer and keep the heat in in the winter.


Keeping butter spreadable is VITAL if you are as obsessed with good toast as I am (which is seriously obsessed. Side Story: I picked up a loaf of Hi-Rise Bread the other day and ate the whole thing as butter slathered toast, PERFECT). A wrecked piece of toast can be devastating, this butter pot is a perfect solution to that problem; keeping your butter spreadable without being a rock (or soup, because OMG summer heat right now).

Come on over (or click here) and grab your butter pot , right now. Then go to your closest favorite bakery and get a good loaf of bread. Toast that bread and top it with soft butter from your new butter pot. You’ll love it as much as I do. I swear.