Local Root is proud to offer one of the premier knife sharpening services in the Greater Boston area. We specialize in sharpening straight edge kitchen knives for chefs and home cooks in Massachusetts.

We have been in the sharpening business since we opened our flagship location in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the Fall of 2012. Our standard wet-sharpening service provides a high quality edge using water cooled sharpening equipment. Our whetstone hand sharpening service was introduced during the Spring of 2015. See the details of each service below to determine the ideal option for your knives.

Wet-Sharpening Service

  • $12 - 15 per Knife

  • Professional Knife Sharpening using Water Cooled Equipment

This is our most popular knife sharpening service and the option selected for most mid to high end knife brands including Wusthof, Zwilling J.A Henckels, Global, Shun, Messermeister, Chicago Cutlery, Sabatier, Friedr. Dick, Dexter, Miyabi, Berti and many more. Our wet-sharpening service uses water cooled equipment to prevent the steel from overheating; a common problem with knife sharpening. This process is appropriate for all straight edge kitchen knives.

This 3 step sharpening method yields superior results:

  • A water cooled abrasive belt is used to establish the shape of the edge and the bolster as needed.

  • Using a wet, fine grinding wheel we establish the burr and create a balanced, symmetrical edge.

  • A sisal polishing wheel is used to remove the burr and put a fine polish on the edge of the blade.

Several brands- including Global, Shun and Miyabi along with other specialty knives are sharpened at a different angle than traditional European style knives. Most of these knives sharpen beautifully with our standard service.


Whetstone Sharpening

  • $22 per Knife

  • Professional Knife Sharpening using Water Stones

Higher end and handmade knives featuring specialty steel or decorative patterns are ideal candidates for our traditional whetstone sharpening technique.

We begin our whetstone sharpening process with a 400 grit stone to shape the edge of the blade and develop a burr along the edge of the knife. Once the shape is set and we have a burr along the full length of the knife we move on to the 1000 grit stone to refine the edge and begin removing the burr, followed by the 5000 grit fine stone stone to give a beautiful sharp edge on the blade. We finish off each knife on a leather stropping block which removes the final remnants of the burr and gives a strong and lasting edge.


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