Holiday Prep: Knife Sharpening


You’ve picked out your favorite knife (and knife block) and have used it, a LOT. Now you are thinking about the Holidays and the marathon of cooking that comes with them – days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner carefully crafted at home surrounded by lots of family and friends. It’s boisterous. It’s loud. It requires lots of cutting, chopping, and, in general, cutting of things. So (in the words of Scar in The Lion King) Be Prepared (though maybe not for the coup he refers to in the song). Come into Local Root and drop off your favorite knives for sharpening – we’ll get them back to you within 48 hours and it’s only $15/knife ($22/knife for whetstone) . Totally sweet deal, RIGHT?


So drop in SOON and beat the rush to have your knives sharp and ready to work in time for all of the holiday cutting needs. Because we both know someone snuck your favorite knife into the dishwasher over the past year and it’s in need of a fresh edge.


Make sure to get your knives in to us by Monday, November 24, 2014 for Thanksgiving!

Local Root is an independent, locally owned kitchenware store located in Massachusetts.