Sourdough and Epicurean


I recently adopted my own little live culture. A sourdough starter! I’m so thrilled to accept this little organism into my life – with it’s anaerobic reactions and delicious flavors and smells. We are going to have a long and fruitful relationship – I can just tell. As with all good bread acquisitions my first thought was how must I eat this lovely bit of bread (toasted with extra butter, of course), and, naturally, the proper cutting it would require.

One of my biggest pet peeves upon cutting into a loaf of fresh bread (aside from having to wait for it to cool so it doesn’t get gummy when I cut it) is that it leaves crumbs EVERYWHERE. Which is why I have my eye on this Epicurean bread board, pictured here with a Libeco Parma Tea Towel in Olive, and a David Mellor Black Handled Bread Knife. This epicurean board is great for it’s shallow grooves to catch crumbs and it’s bright contrasting colors. I am a big fan of the Epicurean boards. They are all made from compressed wood fiber (so they are gentle on your knives) AND they are dishwasher safe. Since I got a dishwasher about 4 months ago I don’t want to own anything I can’t stick in there. Ha.

Didriks Team