Ask Us: Kitchen Knives

As “the person who knows” behind the counter at Local Root I get lots of cooking questions daily – from cake pans (what’s the right size?) to how well a steak will sear in a specific pan. I’ve decided to put these questions here – as a reference guide for you, our fearless readers (see what I did there???), in this series I’ve decided to term “Ask Us”.

The first topic I’ve decided to tackle here is kitchen knives. At Local Root we have what the staff like to call “the Knife Room”. It’s the place in the store where we store/display all the knives (also the one place we will rapidly hurry children out of, we like to be safe around here). In the knife room things can get a little intimidating, and not just because of the bone saw hanging from a hook. When you look at a wall full of knives how do you make a choice about which knife to bring home? A daunting task, I agree. So let’s start by figuring out knife types and what they do. To help, our resident graphics guru, Nate, made us this great infographic.