What Cut Is That? An Infographic Guide

One of the great things about all the food that we consume are the names of meat cuts – “Boston Butt”, “Skirt Steak”, and “Party In My Mouth” (am I the only one who calls pork belly that?). That said, we never know where on an animal the meat we’re eating is coming from. With these convoluted, seemingly nonsense names to reference, one could assume a cow grows it’s own special peplum adornment and that’s where skirt steak comes from (which is wrong, cows do not like peplum waists. Don’t try and get Bessie into one, she won’t like it). So in an effort to greater illuminate these wacky cuts Nate has once again come to the rescue and graced us with these informative and entertaining infographics. Because Boston Butt is really pork shoulder, and that makes us all feel a little better about eating it – right?

Want to learn more about the whole beast butchery process? Check out the River Cottage Meat Book or Whole Beast Butchery, they’re a bit graphic but soooo useful, you know, if you want to learn a bit about animal bits.