The Big Green Egg is Here!


Here in New England we have officially settled into a summer routine – long, sunny days, summer dresses, shorts, and backyard grilling. As those of us blessed with backyards take advantage of them and begin grilling for the season we start to fantasize about our ideal grill; something that will smoke and grill, maybe even a grill that’ll support/ is designed for a pizza stone for grilling?

Feast your eyes on the Big Green Egg. This is truly a grilling tool to surpass all others – with it’s huge heat range, friendly shape, and dimpled exterior everyone will love it. Seriously – so fashionable and useful (a backyard multi-tasker for sure). Let’s talk about the accessories too – this is the MUST HAVE grill for the grill-master in your life, but what about those of us who want to add to it over the years? We have all the accoutrements to make your backyard grilling experience a perfect one. From organic charcoal to starters to perfect stones and racks it’s all in Newton just waiting to be discovered.


So, come out to The Mill at Newton Lower Falls and get to know this new line. We adore it and know it’ll only help you get your grill on.