Cooling Off


It’s almost midsummer so let’s cool down with some great ice cubes and chilled drinks.


We all swear by the perfect cubes that come about when you use a Tovolo Perfect Ice Cube Tray.


Want something slower to melt? Try the King Cube Tray, or if you are particularly adventurous (or own a large rocks glass) The Colossal Cube Mold is fantastic too!

I’m obsessed with this Sphere Mold in a glass of garnished sparkling water, it keeps my drink cool without diluting the bubbles.


The Lekue Ice Cube Mold is perfect for freezing stuff in the cube – keeping everything in the center and from expanding out. It also comes in small and large cubes.


Looking for something to hold your ready made cubes? This Lekue Ice Box and silicone tray is great. Freeze Ice while keeping stuff that’s made already in the freezer.

What can I say, I’m obsessed with a well chilled cocktail in the summer and a well made (and easy to get to) ice cube solution makes those cocktails much more appealing.